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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used the services of a Travel Agent before what can I expect? 

Thank you for choosing Bucket List Moments Travel for your travel planning.  The process is super easy.  We will begin with you completing the Client Profile Form.  This form will offer some preliminary info to begin planning your trip.  Once this form has been received you will receive quotes for 3 options for your approval. You are allowed one complimentary re-request if you do not like the offers presented to you.  Once you approve the option that you would like you will be asked to place a deposit.  After the deposit is placed, we will work to come up with a payment schedule that works best for you and also ensures that your package is paid in full by the final balance due date.

Do you charge a planning fee?

Yes, there is a non-refundable planning fee for all of our planning services.  Fees vary based on complexity of planning required.  This fee will be due before any planning begins. 

I received a quote from you, but the price changed before I placed my deposit, why?

Quotes are just that, quotes.  Pricing and inventory is not being held and is therefore subject to change.  Once you have approved of the quote that you like, we will have to reprice for the latest pricing and then we place the deposit to lock in the price.

Can I choose the day that I pay my deposit?

No.  The supplier chooses the date that deposits are due. You will be informed of the deposit due date during the quoting  process.

Are payment plan options available?

Payment plan options are solely at the discretion of the travel supplier.  Typically, if you are planning your trip more than 60 days from your travel dates you will have the option of paying a deposit and paying off your package in multiple payments.  You will be notified of your payment options at the time of booking.


What is included in the quotes?

For vacation packages, a typical quote will include airfare, hotel/resort, travel protection, ground transfers and (if applicable) any meal options.  This will vary based on the specifications of the client.


What if I do not want to purchase the travel protection?

Life is unpredictable.  Purchasing the travel protection is always recommended because it ensures you are refunded the cost of your trip should your plans change, and you must cancel. There are also other benefits (depending on the type of insurance) such as loss of luggage compensation, trip delay compensation, medical and life insurance. Purchasing Trip protection isn't  mandatory.  If you choose to decline travel protection you will be asked to sign a declination waiver.

What is the turnaround time on receiving quotes once I complete the Client profile form?

Times vary and are based on volume of current inquiries, and response time of vendors. Three to five days is typical; however, clients will be informed if there is a delay.  (This does not apply to destination wedding & honeymoon planning)


I found this same package cheaper somewhere else, why should I use you?

Utilizing the services of a travel agent does not always guarantee the lowest price.  Clients also utilize the services of travel agents because of the access to inventory that may not be available to consumers, access to payment plan options that may not be available to consumers, working relationships with industry suppliers, and to ensure a seamless and stress-free planning experience.  Travel agents trouble shoot travel issues pre, during and post travel (often without the client’s knowledge), research travel destination requirements, inform clients of any travel advisories in the destination, and ensures that the client has the required travel documents for their travels.


What is your niche?

We are a Luxury Travel Agency.  We strive to offer the best in travel based on client's specification. We do not offer pricing on accommodations rated under 4 stars/category 4 hotels. 

Do you book cruises?

Unfortunately, We no longer book cruises.  No worries! We can refer you to an excellent cruise specialist.

Do you book Air B-N-B, VRBO etc?

We do not book Air B-N-B type accommodations.

Do you book Flight Only?

No.  Flights will only be booked as part of a package.

Do you offer custom multi-destination itineraries?

Yes! we now offer custom multi-destination itineraries. 

What Travel Markets do you service?

We service International destinations.  We no longer service US travel destinations.


Do you book villas?

Yes! We do book luxury villas.  The terms of payment are different from the packages with payment plans .  Luxury Villas can not be packaged with airfare and other items and be paid utilizing a payment plan.  Clients interested in booking a luxury villa can expect to pay for items separately.  A 50% deposit of the villa price is typically due at the time of booking, and balance paid within 60-90 days of travel.  Flights will be paid in full at the time of booking.  Ground transportation, travel protection, meals and entertainment can be booked through the villa concierge at an added cost.  Bucket List Moments Travel, LLC will be the point of contact for coordination.


Do you assist in Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planning?

Yes! We do not plan the actual wedding.  We act as a concierge, connecting you to resources and wedding planners in your desired destination.  We work in coordination to ensure that your big day goes seamlessly. We take care of the travel planning portion for you and your guests.  Please contact us for planning packages and associated fees.

What are Your Office Hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 11:00am - 2:00pm and 4:00pm - 8:00pm.  We are available outside of those core hours for emergency inquiries and to assist our clients while they travel.

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