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About Bucket List Moments

A Bucket List is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. This name resonated with me because everyone has a bucket list or ‘to-do’ list of things they would like to accomplish. The best thing about the name Bucket List is that it is all encompassing; much like my travel agency.   Through the agency, you will not just be limited to only booking leisure travel and excursions, we also assist in planning your romance travel; everything from destination wedding planning and coordination, honeymoons, baby moons, bachelor/bachelorette, and anniversary trip. Bucket List Moments Travel, LLC does just what its name says; help you to plan, check off, and capture all of  those special moments on your bucket list.

Brittany Carter became a licensed and certified travel agent in August 2015. Her company, Bucket List Moments Travel, LLC was established as a way to combine her love of planning, traveling and servicing others into something that would be pleasurable, challenging and also enriching for her. Brittany is a strong believer that learning extends far beyond what a person reads in

Meet the face behind Bucket List Moments,

Brittany Carter

a text book or the internet. Lifelong learning happens through the things we experience. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to learn new cultures first hand, taste delicious authentic cuisines, and even push the boundaries of one’s comfort zone. Traveling affords us the opportunity to do all of those things, plus more. It is my hope that at the end of your trip you will have learned something new not just about the world but also about yourself!

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